Al13 Home Flat Accent Top Rail

Colonial style mixed with the proven strength of steel. Get a totally traditional deck railing look paired with the unmatched strength of steel. Sturdy steel means longer panels and better views, while the rounded Colonial Top Rail is classy and easy to grasp.



For a smooth, continuous top rail highlighting your view, skip the posts sticking out every few feet and keep your view uninterrupted with the AL13 Home Aluminum Flat Accent Top Rail by Fortress. Keep gatherings flowing and feeling comfortable as guests can comfortably set their drinks along the railing without a wide deck board taking up your space. Simply attach the AL13 Home Aluminum Flat Accent Top Rail to your AL13 Home Aluminum Railing Panel (sold separately) using the included spacer and hardware to create a level surface that doesn’t steal attention away from the rest of your railing.

The Fortress AL13 Home Flat Accent Top Rail is offered in 6 foot lengths for staircase applications, and in level 6 foot, and 8 foot lengths to best accommodate even your largest railing sections and help your deck stand out among the rest.

Looking for a more classical and substantial touch to add to your rail? Check out the AL13 Home Aluminum Round Accent Top Rail (sold separately).
Add on a coordinating deck board to help tie your outdoor space together using the AL13 Home Rail Clip and the composite or natural wood decking of your choice (both sold separately).

Fortress AL13 Home Flat Accent Top Rails are offered in the premium Fortress powder-coat finishes of Matte White to complete your deck’s style.

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6' Flat Accent Top Rail, 8' Flat Accent Top Rail, 6' Flat Stair Accent Top Rail


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